Having Difficulty Breathing?

A groundbreaking natural remedy 

supports healthy lungs, airways and respiratory 

function—so you can be breathless no more!

ElderC Immune Lung & Sinus Defense is designed to:

  • Boost lung function with 8 powerful extracts and nutrients

  • Support clear sinus passages for smooth, unobstructed air flow

  • Fight inflammation and support a healthy inflammatory response

  • Help manage seasonal challenges that threaten your daily comfort 

  • Provide immune support to boost your natural defenses

Please don’t take your lungs for granted.

Breathing is not only life—it’s quality of life filled with laughter, enjoyable activities and spur of the moment adventures.

Increasing levels of environmental pollutants from car and factory exhaust, chemicals in the food supply and allergy seasons—which are proven to be getting worse—create a battleground for your lungs.

And as these toxins pile on, they can lead to respiratory troubles or make common symptoms even worse, such as:

• Shortness of breath

• Discomfort inhaling and exhaling

• Constant throat clearing

• Trouble catching your breath

• Stuffy sinuses that feel like you’re breathing through a straw

Whether your symptoms are year-round or seasonal, respiratory problems can threaten your quality of life and rob your ability to live life to the fullest.

The good news is that through a combination of traditional wisdom and modern science, it’s possible to nutritionally support breathing, clear airways and promote healthy lungs and sinuses.

Breathe Easier with ElderC Immune Lung & Sinus Defense

Overcoming respiratory challenges and helping to restore healthy lung function requires the best of the best in science and nutrition. Drawing from the most potent and revered ingredients proven by tradition and backed by clinical data, the dedicated integrative health practitioners and nutritional scientists at Natural Pulse created a revolutionary formula that helps:

• Boost lung function

• Support clear sinus passages

• Fight inflammation

• Manage seasonal challenges

• Provide immune support

ElderC Immune Lung & Sinus Defense is expertly formulated to help you be more active, breathe clearer and do the things you love with confidence. In other words—you can return to living life to the fullest!

It’s unique, because it contains the CORE 4… four potent ingredients scientifically shown to promote lung and sinus wellbeing. Plus, with four more synergistic herbs and antioxidants, ElderC Immune Lung & Sinus Defense is one of the most comprehensive formulas available!

Meet the CORE FOUR of Lung & Sinus Health

#1 NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine)

Protects lungs and sinuses

NAC is a sulfur-containing amino acid with a decades-long history of use to support liver function and detoxification. Most recently, NAC has become a sought-after tool for boosting respiratory function.

It helps to “turn off” inflammatory NF-kappaβ activity—a key switch involved in the breakdown of lung and sinus tissue. And clinical trials reveal it promotes clear, smooth breathing and healthy lung capacity, especially after exercise. Plus, NAC helps dissolve mucus for smoother breaths.*

But perhaps NAC’s best attribute is its ability to replenish glutathione—the body’s “master antioxidant” and crucial ally against the environmental pollutants that you breathe in. As you age, glutathione production declines, leaving you at greater risk of cellular wear and tear.*

And here’s another reason to increase your glutathione: low glutathione levels are one of the red flags of poor lung health.* This NAC boost can help optimize your lung function and fight oxidation for a healthy respiratory system.

Benefits Summary:

• Supports a healthy inflammatory response in the lungs and sinuses

• Helps improve breathing and helps clear mucus

• Replenishes the body’s naturally occuring free radical fighter, glutathione

#2: Quercetin

Allergy-blocking superfood

A plant flavonoid “superfood”, quercetin contributes to the bright yellows and oranges seen in many fruits and vegetables. It’s a well-known heart health tonic that helps maintain supple blood vessels, blood flow and nutrient circulation throughout the body. But its quercetin’s positive influence on lung health that’s bringing welcomed news, especially to seasonal allergy sufferers. 

If you’re one of them, you know that histamines are the enemy, triggering an inflammatory response of uncomfortable symptoms, including increased mucus in the sinuses and lungs, itchy and watery eyes, and sneezing among others.

Quercetin is “nature’s histamine blocker”. It counteracts this chemical response, both by desensitizing tissue to block the release of chemical messengers, and by inhibiting activation in the first place.*

And as a proven inflammation fighter, quercetin can protect your body from the ravages of inflammation. Laboratory studies reveal its ability to reduce production of TWO MORE inflammatory triggers—TNF-α and cytokine IL-4.*

Benefits Summary:

• Superfood flavonoids fight free radicals in the lungs and heart

• Blocks production of histamine to calm common allergy symptoms

• “Shuts off” two key inflammatory triggers in the body

#3 Black Cumin Seed Extract

Ancient extract works fast

A renowned Egyptian remedy with modern benefits, black cumin seed extract helps counter allergies and support a healthy immune system, lungs and sinuses. It works to quell inflammation and block environmental triggers to help you inhale and exhale smoothly and make the most of every breath.  

Behind its power lie two key, active compounds—thymoquinone and nigellone—that possess the power to fight allergy triggers, inflammation and unstable free radicals.* According to research, the herb’s potent compounds help relax muscle tissue in the lungs for clear, relaxed airways.*

But what’s most astounding about black cumin seed extract is how quickly it may help you breathe easier: a randomized, controlled human trial in individuals with breathing difficulties showed that taking 500 mg of black cumin seed extract twice daily can lead to smoother breathing in just 4 weeks.*

Benefits Summary:

• Ancient Egyptian solution is backed by multiple clinical studies

• Contains two powerful compounds that fight allergy triggers, inflammation and oxidation

• Supports clear airways in just 4 weeks

#4: Serrapeptase

Effective mucus thinner

Discovered in the United States in the 1950s, serrapeptase is a key enzyme that can break down proteins in food and distributes the amino acid building blocks to help rebuild and repair tissue throughout the body, including respiratory tissue.  

Evidence suggests this powerful enzyme can also “break down” inflammation. Serrapeptase has a dissolving effect on inflammatory tissue and dead cells, which in turn helps to purify the body of harmful waste products.

And if your sinuses are crying out for relief, this powerful enzyme offers a science-backed benefit you need to experience. Considered a natural “mucus thinner”, serrapeptase can help you breathe better by working to thin even stubborn mucus in the lungs, sinuses and nasal passages.*

In one human clinical study, serrapeptase produced measurable results after just 4 weeks of daily use: less mucus, reduced inflammation and clearer airways.*

Benefits Summary:

• Natural “mucus thinner” works to break down mucus and inflammation

• Supports clear nasal passages for easier breathing

• Clinical results reported after just 4 weeks of daily use

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8 Powerful Ingredients to Give You the Support You Deserve 

Together, the Core 4 ingredients found in ElderC Immune Lung & Sinus Defense with NAC deliver the power to help you get out and start living again, without struggling to take a breath and feeling like you’re breathing from a straw. 

And to provide you with the most comprehensive lung and sinus support you deserve, this effective formula includes four more breath-boosting antioxidants and essential nutrients: 

Nordic Elderberry™ – a proprietary ingredient sourced from Norway that helps recharge the immune system with the equivalent of 27 grams of fresh black elderberries per gram 
Vitamin C – the most recognizable immune booster, this popular water-soluble vitamin is also a powerful antioxidant that supports lung tissue repair and attacks invaders that target the respiratory system 
Vegan Vitamin D3 – sourced from lichen, this natural form of the “sunshine vitamin” has been show to improve respiratory function and support immune health for healthy lungs.* 
Zinc – this vital mineral is integral for a healthy immune system and your ability to fight immune threats, especially those that affect your lung health

Breathe Easier, Live Better, Do More!

Imagine how your daily quality of life could improve if you didn’t have to worry about how respiratory problems are slowing you down. That’s what ElderC Immune Lung & Sinus Defense can do for you!
Nourish your respiratory system and boost your immune system with an all-star combination of 8 of the most powerful ingredients.
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Our products are formulated to be free of the 8 major categories of allergens as designated by FDA. These include milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soy.

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Yes. All Natural Pulse supplements are gluten free.

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No, none of the ingredients used in this product are derived from genetically modified sources and, therefore, the product is non-GMO.

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Yes, all ingredients in the product, including the capsule, are suitable for vegans to consume.

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