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Natural Pulse

Four Elements of Quality process

At Natural Pulse, quality isn’t just an outcome, it’s built into every step of our process. We wouldn’t be able to deliver what we consider to be the most effective natural supplements on the market without incorporating quality into every step. We take it seriously and that’s why every product we make goes through our Four Elements of Quality process

The First Element

Raw Material Sourcing

With our team’s decades of experience formulating and creating natural products, we have established relationships with some of the premier raw material vendors worldwide. We aim to source only the highest quality premium ingredients that meet our specified standards. We do this by rigorously qualifying our raw material vendors to ensure they meet and exceed US and international standards for Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), that they comply with all applicable federal guidelines and regulations, and their business practices meet best practices. It is only through this rigorous qualification process that we consider a supplier qualified to provide our ingredients.

The Second Element

Comprehensive Review of Research and Safety Information

We then set the standards for the ingredients we are looking to source by reviewing clinical research, safety parameters, dosage and potency levels, as well as ensuring that our purity specifications are met. We go through this process prior to the formulation stage to ensure our formulations specialists have a comprehensive view of what is required to formulate the most effective product

The Third Element:

Rigorous Specifications and Incoming/ In-Process Testing

Once we have sourced an ingredient that complies on paper, we take it through a meticulous testing protocol to ensure it meets quality standards for identity, potency and purity prior to using it in any of our products.

During the manufacturing process, further testing and quality checks occur at every critical step in the process to ensure that our blends and finished products meet the highest level of rigor.

The Fourth Element:

Finished Product Testing and Release

Prior to release and distribution, the finished product goes through additional testing, verification of label claims, and quality checks to ensure all specifications that we established are met. It is only after this, that products are released for distribution to our customers.

Some companies cut corners on Quality. We have made it a point to ensure that the Quality of our products is our highest priority. That is because we are passionate about the benefits of our products and we believe in the ingredients we put into them. You see, we only create products for our customers that we would be comfortable giving to ourselves and our loved ones. And we passionately believe that if something is not good enough for our loved ones to consume, it certainly is not good enough for our customers.



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