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The Pulse

The Natural Pulse...

The Pulse…a sure sign of life, but so much more. From time immemorial, humans have understood the significance of the pulse, the importance of a beating heart…ancient healers from the Chinese to the Indians to the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Arabs all knew the value of the pulse. They meticulously studied its normal rhythmic movements. They realized that when this rhythm was disturbed, it was a sign of dis-ease (the opposite of ease).


But there is a deeper, more universal connection between humanity and nature. Nature itself has a pulse…the changing of seasons, day turning into night and back again, the movement of water – that life-sustaining force – around the earth. Disruptions in the pulse of nature lead to disorder and destruction. As humans, we are a part of nature and must understand the interconnectedness of our pulse with that of nature.

Modern Science

The importance of the pulse permeates from traditional to modern medicine, with the recognition that the pulse is a metaphor for rhythm, for balance, for harmony, for health…indeed, for life itself.

our goal is to blend

Wisdom and Scientific Discovery

The goal of wise traditional healers was to reset and recalibrate the pulse to what nature intended, to use the least harmful interventions first and to facilitate the healing power of nature to restore health. At Natural Pulse, our goal is to blend the wisdom and insight of traditional sages with the rigor of scientific discovery to create the most effective natural supplements on the market.


I was looking for an all around product to help with keeping my immune system healthy as well as my sinus health for the winter. I'm prone to dry sinus issue. After taking this for 28 days I feel good energy and my dry sinus issues are minimal. Great product, would recommend.

Sammy @Sammy


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