Who We Are

Natural Pulse is an endeavor to create products that are in harmony with nature and natural healing, while being supported by scientific research. It is something our competitors strive to do, but often fall short. We wanted to fix the shortcomings of most products out there…because we are true believers

We at Natural Pulse are a set of individuals that are passionate about the power of natural health to improve the lives of those who are suffering with chronic issues.

We believe in the power of nature to heal ourselves and improve the lives of our families. We only formulate products that we are confident enough in to use ourselves.

Our team of entrepreneurs includes specialists in nutritional therapies and avid nutritional researchers alongside individuals with the highest level of knowledge in dietary supplement quality and manufacturing. With over 30+ years of experience, Natural Pulse is a concept to improve the lives of people who are interested in taking their health into their own hands. Having decades of collective experience with natural products – both in the clinical setting with patients as well as through formulating hundreds of them – we strive to put that nurtured experience to use to develop the best, most effective, and highest quality products that are true to the philosophy of natural healing and substantiated by modern clinical science.

We aim to help play a part on your road to health by empowering you with the best in nutritional supplement interventions. Our aim is to leverage our knowledge to bring you supplements that work. Period.

The Pulse

The Natural Pulse…

The Pulse…a sure sign of life, but so much more. From time immemorial, humans have understood the significance of the pulse, the importance of a beating heart…ancient healers from the Chinese to the Indians to the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Arabs all knew the value of the pulse. They meticulously studied its normal rhythmic movements. They realized that when this rhythm was disturbed, it was a sign of dis-ease (the opposite of ease).

But there is a deeper, more universal connection between humanity and nature. Nature itself has a pulse…the changing of seasons, day turning into night and back again, the movement of water – that life-sustaining force – around the earth. Disruptions in the pulse of nature lead to disorder and destruction.

As humans, we are a part of nature and must understand the interconnectedness of our pulse with that of nature.

The importance of the pulse permeates from traditional to modern medicine, with the recognition that the pulse is a metaphor for rhythm, for balance, for harmony, for health…indeed, for life itself.

The goal of wise traditional healers was to reset and recalibrate the pulse to what nature intended, to use the least harmful interventions first and to facilitate the healing power of nature to restore health. At Natural Pulse, our goal is to blend the wisdom and insight of traditional sages with the rigor of scientific discovery to create the most effective natural supplements on the market.

Our Formulations

Always manufactured in the USA, our formulas are designed to encourage the body to work in harmony with nature by supporting its intuitive healing processes. By using only premium quality ingredients sourced from around the world and staying abreast of the latest research, we incorporate the essence of Traditional Wisdom with the precision of Modern Science in order to stimulate the healing power that is innate to the human body.

Traditional healers used a tried and true method to cultivate knowledge over centuries and distill the very best of natural therapies for various health benefits; while modern scientists employ a rigorous method – the scientific method – to research therapies and evaluate their clinical effects. We believe there is validity in both approaches. Our goal is to incorporate the best of both paradigms into our products.

We strive to provide effective and safe nutritional solutions as an important pillar of your foundational wellness routine to allow you to achieve optimal balance, health and wellbeing – all in harmony with nature.

Natural Pulse – Premium wellness solutions empowered with Traditional Wisdom and Modern Science.

Our Pulse on Quality

At Natural Pulse, quality isn’t just an outcome, it’s built into every step of our process. We wouldn’t be able to deliver what we consider to be the most effective natural supplements on the market without incorporating quality into every step. We take it seriously and that’s why every product we make goes through our Four Elements of Quality process

The First Element: Raw Material Sourcing

With our team’s decades of experience formulating and creating natural products, we have established relationships with some of the premier raw material vendors worldwide. We aim to source only the highest quality premium ingredients that meet our specified standards. We do this by rigorously qualifying our raw material vendors to ensure they meet and exceed US and international standards for Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), that they comply with all applicable federal guidelines and regulations, and their business practices meet best practices. It is only through this rigorous qualification process that we consider a supplier qualified to provide our ingredients.

The Second Element: Comprehensive Review of Research and Safety Information

We then set the standards for the ingredients we are looking to source by reviewing clinical research, safety parameters, dosage and potency levels, as well as ensuring that our purity specifications are met. We go through this process prior to the formulation stage to ensure our formulations specialists have a comprehensive view of what is required to formulate the most effective product.

 The Third Element: Rigorous Specifications and Incoming/ In-Process Testing

Once we have sourced an ingredient that complies on paper, we take it through a meticulous testing protocol to ensure it meets quality standards for identity, potency and purity prior to using it in any of our products.

During the manufacturing process, further testing and quality checks occur at every critical step in the process to ensure that our blends and finished products meet the highest level of rigor.

The Fourth Element: Finished Product Testing and Release

Prior to release and distribution, the finished product goes through additional testing, verification of label claims, and quality checks to ensure all specifications that we established are met. It is only after this, that products are released for distribution to our customers.

Some companies cut corners on Quality. We have made it a point to ensure that the Quality of our products is our highest priority. That is because we are passionate about the benefits of our products and we believe in the ingredients we put into them. You see, we only create products for our customers that we would be comfortable giving to ourselves and our loved ones. And we passionately believe that if something is not good enough for our loved ones to consume, it certainly isn’t good enough for our customers.

Our Pulse on Manufacturing

At Natural Pulse, we realize that one of the biggest contributors to product quality is working with the right manufacturing partners. Getting this partnership right is so critical, we often refer to it as the Fifth Element of our Quality process. Our partners serve as our eyes and ears on the ground, ensuring that the processes we specify are carried out during production. Which is precisely why we place so much emphasis in the partners we work with.

Our exclusively US-based manufacturing partners have been in business producing top-quality Dietary Supplements for decades. Their passion for quality is just like ours – there is no compromise on the premium nature of ingredients used. Their meticulous processes embody quality from start to finish. In searching for manufacturers, we emphasize companies that value the importance of developing partnerships with their clients. We stay away from companies that cut corners on price, ingredients, testing and manufacturing – because this ultimately impacts product efficacy and does a disservice to our customers.

Our partners use state-of-the-art equipment and have an in-house testing lab with extensive capabilities. Their Quality teams have a high level of competence and extensive experience, which ensures that all product quality parameters are met or exceeded on every lot of ingredient and every batch of product.

In addition to going beyond just meeting all state and federal guidelines for the manufacturing of supplements, all our manufacturing partners undergo extensive annual audits and have achieved independent 3rd Party GMP certification.